Sustainable movement for an inspiring future
Kia aims to continuously move forward towards an inspiring future in collaboration with diverse stakeholders as it undergoes a transformation to become a sustainable mobility solutions provider.
Cleaner & Circular
Leading the way in eco-friendly/
circular economy for the planet
We will minimize negative
environmental impacts and create a
sustainable environment through
resource circulation.

Kia's goal is to provide inspiring
movements while reducing negative
environmental impacts caused by

Furthermore, we will expand resilience
through resource circulation to build
a sustainable environment.

  • Responding to climate change by establishing eco-friendly manufacturing environment
  • Manufacturing eco-friendly product through resource circularity
Safe & Satisfying
Building a society where everyone
is safe and satisfied
We will create a safe society for
everyone and be a partner who
delivers happiness and satisfaction.

Kia strives for a safe social environment
beyond its employees, customers,
business partners, and local
communities as a global community.

We will share the value created by Kia
with various stakeholders, grow
together, and be a partner who shares
happiness and satisfaction, allowing
everyone to lead a happy and
satisfying life.

  • Safety as the top priority
  • Mutual growth with stakeholders
Transparent & Trustworthy
Establishing transparent and trustworthy governance
We will become a more trustworthy
company through transparent and
responsible management.

Kia will openly disclose our efforts
and achievements to become a
sustainable mobility solution
provider to all stakeholders.

Through responsible decision-
making and continuous
improvement, we will become a
more trusted company.

  • Improvement of corporate governance through transparent management
  • Enhancing Corporate credibility based on responsible management
Kia aims to continuously move towards an inspiring future together with various stakeholders
in the process of transforming into a sustainable mobility solutions provider.